Patient Testimonials

"Word cannot express how grateful I am to have Dr. Vasquez as my Doctor. Dr. Vasquez has saved my life 3 times and I am thankful with all of my heart. He truly cares about his patients and is a dedicated doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Vasquez and patients can trust him to the fullest in full confidence. I wouldn't want any other doctor and I am extremely thankful!!! A+++!"
T. Campbell
"I was a patient at the Vascular Center for several months while they diagnosed and corrected my vein issues. Every single visit, I was met with kindness and concern from everyone. The wait times were short, no matter what time of day I visited. I had to bring my little girl several times, and they were sweet and patient with her, even during two ultrasounds! The whole staff is fantastic and put my mind at ease! Dr. Vasquez did a phenomenal job during both of my procedures! Can I give 6 stars?"
Hannah T.
"My feet became so swollen I could barely walk. I was very worried. I had vascular leg surgery in another state one month ago. I had explained that to the nurse and was seen that same day. Dr. Vasquez was so reassuring. He told me exactly what to do and all was improved in two days. I was so grateful to him and his staff."
Jamie A.
"Dr. Vasquez inspected my legs with Varithena Foam. The heaviness, achiness, and swelling has improved. A life changing event. The staff is so professional. Would recommend this procedure to anyone. A million thanks."
Mary A. S.
"I would highly recommend Dr. Ricardo Vasquez, his staff, and Monroe Hospital. I have had many previous hospital stays that were always were misery. This experience was perfect in every way. From the care to the food, it was excellent. Thank you so much."
Beth S.
"Dr. Vasquez is extremely professional in his mannner and explanation of my own diagnosis. My procedure was timely and the staff addresses you by name from the moment I walked through the door and with the followup 5 stars for EVERYTHING !!!"
Terry L.
"As I just told Dr. Vasquez, the body reflects the head, and all of his staff most definitely reflect his professionalism, thoroughness, kindness and humor in all they do. They were all hugely instrumental in removing my initial trepidation of seeing a vascular surgeon since that sounds so ominous! Thank you for that!"
J. H.
"Excellent experience. The staff is pleasant, professional, conscientious, and thorough. They all made me feel very comfortable from my first visit and through my procedure/follow up. The office has the most beautiful artwork I've seen, which was also made me feel quite comfortable. Dr. Vasquez explained my problem and the procedure to fix it. He, too, was thorough, professional, and kind. My entire experience there was great. So glad that Bloomington has such a good vascular surgeon and an equally good staff that supports him."
Shelley H.
"Dr. Vasquez is a wonderful doctor. I had a problem with the GSV vein in both legs & not only did he provide excellent results, he took the time to listen to me & explain in detail what was wrong and how the problem could be repaired. His expert knowledge, experience & professionalism made me feel at ease and absolutely sure that I had been referred to the right doctor. He is kind, caring, listen to all my concerns, answered every question, explained what was happening every step of the procedure, Always made me feel comfortable, greeted me with a smile & I always left his practice feeling blessed. His office staff is a reflection of his warm personality & professionalism. The staff made me feel important & special by greeting me by name & with a smile. I am so pleased with procedure that Dr. Vasquez chose for me. My legs and ankles feel better than they have in years. Thank You Dr. Vasquez! It is my pleasure to rate this doctor & my experience a 10 out of 10. God Bless You~"
B. Blevins
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